If Darth Vader had a car, it would be…

1 11 2007

… the GT500 class variant of the Nissan GT-R!!!

Less than 2 weeks ago, Nissan let loose their brand new flag-ship, the GT-R – a super sports car without compare … for it’s price. the This totally sweet ride from Nissan got hotter in the form of the GT500 model aimed at competing in the 2008 Super GT series in Japan replacing the heavily modified 350Z. It’s dark menacing look appears to breathe down upon terrified Jedis and other so-called “super-cars.” The huge rear spoiler is fully functional to direct wind down on the car allowing the rear wheels to gain traction. Other than that, it’s terrifying enough to see it on your rear-view mirror, probably bringing flashbacks of Star Wars Ep IV when Darth Vader’s Tie-Fighter pulls in behind Luke, to most drivers.

The regular GT-R soon to be available in the world markets is the VR-series and it comes with twin-turbochargers mounted on a 3.8-liter DOHC (VVIT) V6. Note that this will be the FIRST GT-R to ever don a V6 instead of the inline-sixes. Top output is measured at 480 hp @ 6,800 rpm with 430 lb-ft torque @ 3,200–5,200 rpm. It was officially unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show on Oct 24th. Geeks and Gran Turismo game fans rejoiced!

It comes with the standard ATTESA ET-S AWD (All-Wheel Drive) setup but this time, it’s got the transmission integrated with all 4 wheels allowing for the weight to be put down on the wheels resulting in better grip. Surprisingly enough, no manual stick transmission for the GT-R. Nissan decided to go with the F-1 inspired paddle shifters for quicker shifting and dual-clutch technology to aide super fast transitions in gears. And it also has 3 suspension tightening modes – luxury (soft suspension), sport (normal), and R (racing) which can all be controlled from inside the cockpit.

The interior is awash with high quality leather and expensive looking components along with the standardized G-meter to track the mount of G’s this ride can pull. Stuff like 10GB HDD for music etc which Caddy likes to brag about in their commercials also comes standard. WOW. There’s too many features for the GT-R for the 70+ large greenbacks that potential buyers need to put out.

Unfortunately, I prefer the front end of the GT-R concept with it’s black carbon-fiber section revealed below the lights on the bumper. This one looks a bit blander. Somewhat like a bulbous 350Z but we all know it’s 3 times the car the 350Z could ever be. Best bang for the buck but the GT500 version of the Nissan GT-R still rocks my socks off!


1hr Family Guy Star Wars Episode

23 09 2007

I’m not going to break it out to you how it starts off but the Family Guy universe transforms into the Start Wars universe and follows a somewhat condensed story-line from the Episode IV – A New Hope (the original first Star Wars) movie. The ONE HOUR long episode was great but NOT quite right up there. You can tell that they did a lot of work to make this one and kudos to the FG show design team along with the artists and script-writers. Brilliant job. Super clear on my Fox HD channel. Too bad FG wasn’t in widescreen so it only showed up in the 4:3 rendering 1/5 of my HD television useless. FOX. MAKE MORE OF YOUR SHOWS WIDESCREEN as all High def tvs are now available only in widescreen.

Family Guy was on at 8PM (Central time) today on Sunday and it was preceded by the King of the Hill at 7:30PM and a brand new somewhat depressing “the Simpsons” episode (7PM) where Mr Burns gives Homer a lap of luxury by flying him in his personal jet to Chicago for a sports comedy show and back. Homer is unable to deal with his real life and opts for some change.

Back to Family Guy Star Wars. Yea it was funny with Quagmire and Cleveland playing the roles of C3p0 and R2D2 respectively, Brian the dog as the hairy Chewbacca (and his outfit was hilarious), Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker, Lois as Princess Leia, and our very own Peter Griffin … the dashing Han Solo, and of course Stewie playing the evil Darth Vader and others.

In the end, it somehow felt incomplete just like George Lucas’ Episode IV movie so no biggee. The girlfriend didn’t quite like it which I guess shouldn’t matter but hope they’re planning on making the whole 6 episodic Star Wars movie mini-series cuz that would be kick ass.