DS + “Guitar Hero on Tour” = Epic Fail

19 03 2008

The rumor of Guitar Hero coming to the DS lived up to it’s truthiness but this add-on strap just doesn’t do it. Kinda looks cool but at the same time, could be very difficult to play with. Watch how the dude has trouble holding down the buttons. Mind you, there are only FOUR buttons (instead of the standard 5) and they’re too tightly spaced. Limitations of a handheld. I’m sorry Activision/RedOctane but this all adds up to a giant smorgasbord of EPIC FAIL.

A better idea is to have a “Drum-Master Hero” for the DS where the chief goal is to perfect your mad percussion skillz with your mighty fingers. That way you don’t have to buy a separate dorky clip-on that makes your Nintendo DS comparable to a Gamecube in terms of thickness.


Boy wants parents dead …

6 11 2007

The concerned parents of a certain 16-year-old Cory Ryder hailing from Maryland hired an undercover cop to pose as a hit-man after their son made several death threats towards them. Unfortunately, the son did not get the memo and is now facing trial for juvy. The ninja blames both the parents and the son for this unpleasant predicament but then, they’re from the east coast so what can we expect?

Their crime: Taking away Cory’s Sony PlayStation (possibly PS3) and banning him from watchin TV for weeks. That’s rather harsh.

The excuse: Cory’s failing grades and delinquent behavior.

Cory’s Crime: Being stupid enough to believe that a contract killer would magically pop-out to offer his services right after Cory’s death threats. Also, being stupid enough to think a hit-man’s going to accept the pick-up truck of the murdered victim as payment. Even our clueless president will have no trouble connecting the dots. Worst of all, killing your parents? How’re you going to survive when you’re just a kid?

The excuse: There is no excuse for such stupidity.

The Moral of the Story: Stupid people without Play Stations will turn to Kill Stations. Give them their PS3 and keep them happy. 🙂

Read the whole story here.

Super Awesome “Contra” Movie Trailer

3 11 2007

What else can I other than that this is one super awesome all-in-one fan-made trailer to a movie that never was. Sure, Hollywood’s not going to budget a Contra movie not because they like to squash our childhood Nintendo button mashing memories but probably because it’s going to end up looking like all the other game-based movies aka Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc which in Hollywood terms means very low ROI (return on investment) and a mockery of the careers of people involved in the project.

Ah those good old days of UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, B, A, SELECT, START to bring out the “30 lives” mode. A reminder, this is a FAN made trailer and the movie doesn’t exist! So watch and laugh at the ensuing hilarity.

Gran Turismo 5 prologue trailer clip

23 08 2007

GT5 is just around the corner and is set to light a smile on all PS3 owners. The regular plethora of seemingly awesome cars are included along with the high anticipated and somewhat secretive Nissan GT-R (formerly known as Skyline GT-R). Also in the video, you get to see the brand new Mitsubishi Evolution (formerly known as Evolution X or Evo X) in action against TVRs, Vipers, Acura NSX, and Mustang GT500s.

The only missing car is the upcoming Lexus LF-A (Toyota Supra???). Some months back, photographers captured snaps of what appeared to be an LF-A tailgating a mini-350Z (possibly the upcoming Nissan Silvia) around the famed Nurburgring race track. Boy did that Lexus look sharp. Too bad it’s not in the video but then, that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be in the game. I know it’s gonna make it in the game. Hope so. Or will it?
Here’s a slightly shortened version of the official Gran Turismo 5 prologue video.

The version you can find on the official website has a bit more details out in the beginning. Don’t forget to watch it by clicking HERE!

RIP Nintendo DS phat

13 08 2007

I knew that day was coming. After 2.5 years of owning this wonderful little toy, I finally had to part ways with it. One of the reasons being I didn’t have time for gaming on it anymore. Another being that I wasn’t able to get good deals on games like I used to. This was turning into quite a cash pit for me.

We traveled to many different countries and states and you always kept me company. Tony Hawk, Nintendogs, Sims, etc etc. You were always by my side ready to keep my mind away from troubling issues when they were around. Finally that day is here. A mother who’s looking into getting an early Christmas present for her son is a far better home than in the confines of the corner of my closet. RIP Nintendo DS phat. Hope you enjoy your new life!

Snoop Dogg remix with Nintendo’s Kirby

12 08 2007

Who remembers that little lovable floaty bubble-like Nintendo character on your Gameboy? Yes it’s Kirby and he’s back and making music with Snoop DO-double-G.

OK. Someone just added Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot on the Kirby theme and posted it on YTMND (or YTMD) for all to see. There’s a little Snoop animation on a Kirby background to please you too. Pretty awesome in my opinion.

Well it’s different and his lyrics fall right in with the tepid pace of the theme music from the iconic Nintendo character.

A note of caution. If you have a slow internet connection, watch out. This song weighs in at a hefty 3MB even for such a repetitious track. Strange. Seems like the person who did the remix didn’t bother to make it efficient cuz it’s repeating itself all over again n again through the MP3. Maybe I’ll edit it and post it at a later date.

Artist: Kirby featuring Snoop Dogg
Song: Drop It Like It’s Hot
Website: http://snoopkirby2.ytmnd.com
MP3 Download: Right-Click and SAVE LINK AS