Wrestling at its unholiest laughable self

12 11 2007

Happened to catch a wrestling match between the “Great Khali” and the super-old “Phenom” The Undertaker. Almost all of the close male body-to-body contact moves appeared to be choreographed (surprise) but the execution of them were so poor making the fakeness much much more evident. The saddest part was that the Undertaker was involved.

I’ve been a long time supporter of the Undertaker but even I will have to admit that the “Phenom” is nowhere near his best anymore.

The homo-erotic finishing move called the “Triangle Choke Lock” (incorrectly flagged by fans on the net as the “Scorpion Death Lock” or “Figure 8 Lock” or some other forms of “leg lock”) by the “Dead Man” was the worst of the lot. It involved dragging Khali’s face to the Taker’s crotch with the latter having his leg wrapped around Khali’s head. I now know why people refer to Undertaker as GayTaker. In the end, the smell of sweaty meatballs was too much for even the “Great Khali” as he was overpowered and rendered into an unconscious vegetative state of mind.

R.I.P. WWE and watch the YouTube video of the match below.