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5 12 2007

really that picture of the ice not SO bad! It was – 30 yesterday with a windchill of -43…. not usre what that is in the states but please try getting your dog outside in that!!!

5 12 2007

I am so tired of the writers strike! I hate watching all the old shows and what is Leno up too why can,t he re-run CURRENT episodes instead of all the guests thta are DEAD!!!!!!! Also, I was looking for “the class” show and it has been cancelled what the HE@# is tha about. Funny show and then it is gone!@

26 02 2008

Sorry. Didn’t notice you’d posted here but the pictures are all from Minnesota. Yea it gets cold out here too. -30 is the norm during winter and I would not take my dog out in that kinda weather.

1 03 2009

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!


14 10 2009

My daughter went to TD bank to get iner money to pay for a new tire. She is disabled and has difficulty talking at times. She was horrified to find that she had no money as TD bank had taken all of her money because she was 5 cents over drawn the charged her 140.00 in charges. This is a single disabled mother off two. REALLY are we living in a country where is is acceptable behaviors are we reallly that goulable that we are still letting this take place. TD bank is doing this and taking this countrys citizens for billions of dollars over pennies is any one paying attention.

14 10 2009

Please see my coment here: Windows Search = Death Toll for XP

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The XP Pro computer at work crashed (probably SP1 since NTLDR missing error occurred). (Dell Optiplex 330)

I’m incriminated because I disabled searchindexer and a couple of other things in the Task Manager (including an svchost.exe or two which were using lots of RAM) when the computer was being very slow (especially Office 2007, which was taking literally 5min to open any file).

The other thing I did was use the freeware X-Setup 6.6 to disable some unnecessary startup programs (acrobat reader preload etc).

I’ve used X-Setup numerous times without issues (it shows warnings if there is a risk), but I’m conscious that this might have impacted somehow on the MBR.

Anyway, I was able to fix the NTLDR error via forums & fixes to BIOS, yet could not pass the admin password in recovery sequence.

The next day the IT support person told me that disabling searchindexer.exe must’ve damaged the NTFS filesystem so that no data would be accessible. This sounds erroneous to me, but I’m not a trained IT person (just an attentive user).

I’m worried that the 80gb HDD from 2004 might’ve just gone kaput at my expense.

Aargh! Eek!

Yes, any assistance would be enormously appreciated!

21 11 2009

my honda civic engine just died i love my car what can i do? replace the engine? how much will that run me? how do i find a 89 honda civic engine? i need my lovely car back now winter is here and i hate the looser cruiser…please help
single mom
604-990-9824 vancouver bc

16 06 2010

Thanks I needed that.
Now I can sell it and not fill bad about the buyer.
Over 200,000 and still ticking.
38 mph.

26 01 2012

I love how in this they say it look like a sonata with a honda sign on it??? Ummmm didn’t Accords come out and were doing great waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before sonata’s? I rest my case on that one.

17 03 2012

i have a 91 civic hatchback and the problem im having is when i am cranking the car it will spark for like 3 time and then it will lose spark if i turn the key to the off mode and then try again it will do the same will spark for like 3 times again and then no spark.. i already change distributor, main relay check all the grounds check timing belt, fuel pump, i also changed ecu and it will do the same thing any help will be appreciate it..

19 04 2013

I have a 92 Civic. It has never given me any problems with starting until one night last summer when I drove home and parked it, then realizing that I hadn’t parked far enough forward, I started it again and moved it forward 2-3 feet more. A couple of days later when I tried to start it up nothing happened, not even a click. I assumed that I may have left the door ajar and that the battery was completely drained so I charged the battery and cleaned the posts, but that made no difference either. When I turn the key the dash panel lights function properly, as do the guages. I beleive that it it is a starter relay, but I bought a Chilton, and a Haynes manual and they both show 2 relays in the schematic, but they don’t say where they are, and I can’t find them! It is either my ignition switch, a starter relay, the starter solinoid, or the starter itself.
QUESTION: How do I go about testing each component of my starting system using my multi-meter, and in what order do you recommend testing each one?

Your help is sooo apreciated, Thanks!

Sincerely, Scott

7 06 2017
Donna Adams

I don’t care about computers!! Answers to: 92 civic DX, 1.5(manual)
Won’t start!! Call me 470-439-5462(Donna) NO DATA!!

7 06 2017
Donna Adams


7 06 2017
Donna Adams


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